MIBA Medical is a medical aesthetic company dedicated to helping patients look their best by restoring youthfulness and enhancing their natural beauty, all without the need for painful surgery and unsightly scars. Our products offer patients a superior alternative to rejuvenate facial wrinkles and to enhance the natural beauty of their breasts and/or buttocks. Our patent-pending Adaptive Volume Restoration™ (AVR™) technology uniquely cross-links hyaluronic acid (HA).  AVR™ enables our products to provide a smooth and natural tissue feeling that is safe and long lasting, yet cost-effective for patients.  Our product roadmap includes a wide range of body augmentation products starting from Restor®, small volume dermal fillers for treatment of facial aging, to Curvature®, a minimally invasive large volume body augmentation to enhance the curves of the body such as the buttock and breast.

Minimally Invasive Body Augmentation

MIBA recognized the limitations of the products currently on the market and the “trade-offs” intrinsic in their technologies. The current trade-off is the inverse relationship between volume longevity, biocompatibility and natural feel. If it was possible for a product to have all three qualities without having to make any trade-off, then this product/technology will be dominant and revolutionary in this market space.

MIBA by using “Adaptive Volume Restoration” (AVR), produces HA that is oriented in a way which gives it the ability to adapt to its surrounding and be protective against hydrolytic forces causing degradation. This allow the gel to feel more natural and last longer in the target tissue.

Our initial product, Restor®, is a dermal filler based on MIBA’s proprietary AVR technology. From the same technology, we will create the second product Curvature® to serve uniquely different market needs such as to enhance the shape and volume of their buttocks and breasts without painful and costly surgery.

*All MIBA products are currently in its pre-clinical phase and are not available for sale.